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My Story

Mr. Jay Morrison, also known as “Mr. Real Estate” is considered by many to be the pioneer of financial education in the urban community. Mr. Morrison is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, educator, TV personality, social activist, and the CEO and founder of the largest Black-Owned real estate crowdfund in American History, the Tulsa Real Estate Fund (TREF). 
As a former high school dropout, at-risk youth, and three-time felon, Jay made a major life transformation for the better over two decades ago and now uses his life experiences and personal story of triumph to empower and impact the lives of thousands. Mr. Morrison has over 20 years of Real Estate expertise and has educated more than 500,000 students nationwide. It has been his mission since the beginning of his journey to teach the value of wealth building, homeownership, and financial literacy to those who were historically not provided this critical information.

Hired as Real Estate Expert for the “Today Show” on NBC 2012

Hired as Celebrity Realtor for “Open House NYC” on NBC 2012

Authored Hip Hop 2 Homeowners 2012

Successfully executed Hip Hop 2 Homeowners High School Financial Literacy Tour to over two dozen high schools in 2012

Founded Jay Morrison Academy 2013

Launched Jay Morrison Academy Jan. 8th 2014 to 69 students 

Grew student base to over 3,000 students by EOY 2014

Successfully executed “Keys 2 Success” 13 City Tour in 2014

Partnered with Young Jeezy on “Another Way Out Initiative” 2014

Grossed nearly $500,000 in revenue our first year in business 

Relaunched the JMA Curriculum with 5 additional courses in Business, Self Mastery, Credit, Stocks in addition to real estate investing in 2015

Introduced 3 new JMA academy instructors Will Roundtree, Roberta Hoskie & Tayvon Jackson in 2015

Launched the “Day With Jay” national tour to 12 cities in 2015

Hosted 1st Annual Jay Morrison Academy National Conference in Atlanta, GA 

Achieved our Second 6 figure year in our company history 

Launched the Corner Class 18 city tour January of 2016

Updated curriculum to newer technology and executed branding revamp 

Achieved 3rd consecutive 6 figure year as an organization 



Hosted 2nd Annual Jay Morrison Academy National Conference in Atlanta, GA in 2016

Founded EZ Funding in 2017 grossing nearly 7 figures its first year 

Launched the Corner Class 26 city tour January of 2017

Hosted 3rd Annual Jay Morrison Academy National Conference in Atlanta, GA in 2017 

Authored the Best Seller in civil rights & liberties “The Solution: How Africans In America Achieve Unity, Justice & Repair” 

Authored the Best Seller in mortgages & real estate “Lord of My Land: 5 Steps to Homeownership” 

Launched CEO’s Essential Program and updated JMA curriculum 

Grossed over $2.3 Million making the Inc. 5000 #588 fastest growing companies in the country with an 850% increase in revenue 

Achieved Inc. 5,000 #13 top educational companies in the country 2017

Introduced new instructors Chris Cole and CryptoCurrency Curriculum 

Hosted 4th Annual Jay Morrison Academy National Conference in Atlanta, GA in 2018 

Honoree of “Tulsa Real Estate Fund Day” in the city of South Fulton, GA 

Launched the Corner Class 5 city tour January of 2018

Launch Tulsa Real Estate Fund public offering June 1, 2018 raising over $7 Million of capital commitments in 1 week over $2 Million in 24 hours 

Grossing over $3 Million in revenue 2018 (JMA)

Inc 5,000’s #10 top educational company in the country 2018


Consecutive years Inc 5,000’s #588 fastest growing companies in the country 2108

Launched the Corner Class 20 city tour January of 2019

Broke Corner Class attendance record of over 700 residence 

Grossed over $3 Million in revenue

Launched RBC’s Certification Program


Reached milestone of over 300,000 students educated 

Launched Cash Buyers Academy 2020 grossing over $500,000 of revenue and over 2,500 students enrolled year one

4th consecutive 7 figure year and 6th consecutive minimum 6 figure year in 2020

Grand opening of The Legacy Center aka The Black House in Atlanta, GA

Honoree of “Legacy Center Day” in the city of East Point, GA

Tulsa Real Estate Fund capital raise over $3.5 Million in 30 days during a global pandemic 

Recipient of the "Freedom Award" at the All Black National Convention by Dr. Boyce Watkins 2021

Honored with a Medal of Ambassador to the Senate and received a state resolution for community service in entrepreneurship and financial literacy 2022

Awarded Outstanding Georgia CITIZEN OF THE YEAR  award by Georgia Senator Lestor Jackson and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger 2022

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