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Award-Winning, Best Selling
Innovative Author

Jay Morrison, also known as “Mr. Real Estate” has been sharing his knowledge and strategies for over a decade. His Award-Winning publications have changed the lives of his readers, bridging the gap of generational wealth for many families. 

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We, in pop culture, have made a habit of living for the moment; balling out today, and "living every day like it’s our last." I for one can attest to that. The mentality comes from the corner, the block, and the lifestyle of the streets.


When you are engaged in illegal activity, you live to make memories of the lonely days you will inevitably spend incarcerated.

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Jay, “Mr. Real Estate,” Morrison has authored another informative, step-by-step guide that every aspiring homeowner should read on their journey to becoming “Lord of Their Land”!

As a follow-up to the pop-culture phenomenon Hip Hop 2 Homeowners, Jay breaks down the psychological, financial, and physical framework needed to be a property owner in America.

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My knowledge and 20 years' worth of experience have given me an opportunity to go from real estate agent to becoming a fund manager with over $20 million in assets!


I want to share the knowledge that made me so successful in my New Interactive Video Textbook. Not only are there tests and quizzes, but there are also QR codes throughout, that allow you to tap into the information digitally! 

Silver Steel Plate

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The Solution is an intentional blueprint and 21st-century handbook designed to help today's African-American community achieve long overdue Unity, Justice, and Repair. Unlike many books tackling such complex subject matter, The Solution is an easy read, carefully crafted to engage the reader with its conversational tone, shocking truths, and bold remedies.

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